Remodeling Projects Even The Most Novice Homeowner Can DIY

House renovations can be anything from small upgrades to your home to large-scale projects. Some renovations can be costly and may require the help of a professional contractor, while other renovations can be cheap, done yourself, and still make a big impact. See below for a few remodeling projects that even the most inexperienced DIYer can do.


Painting your home, either interior or exterior, can be done all by yourself and can make a huge impact without the big price tag. Paint can transform a room to appear larger (or smaller), brighter, lighter, or cozier. Paint can make a big difference, but it has to be done properly -- or it will make a big impact in a bad way. Be sure to use the proper tools and materials when painting by yourself. Use quality paint (not cheap), prep your walls beforehand by sanding down imperfections, and use good quality paintbrushes/rollers. Also be sure to use painter's tape to help give your walls/ceiling even lines. Painting your trim can also make a big impact. Bright white trim can really make a room pop.

Update Lighting

Changing the light fixtures throughout your home can also make a big impact. Get rid of those older brass fixtures and opt for something newer and more modern such as nickel or oil rubbed bronze lighting. Check out your local hardware store for new light fixtures, you'll be surprised at how many there are to choose from. You're sure to find something updated to help match with your decor -- from shabby chic and traditional to rustic and industrial.

Change Faucets

Get rid of outdated faucets and replace them with newer ones that may even be more water efficient. Older faucets (especially if you have hard water) may have clogged screens or even stains around the base from hard water or calcium buildup. Change these faucets with something newer. This goes for kitchens, bathrooms, as well as the shower/tub faucets.

Update Handles

If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, and match with your decor, you can change the handles on the cabinets to give them a new look. Changing handles isn't too costly and is simple to do. Changing the handles on your doors of your home is also fairly easy to do. Front door handles can get scratched or scraped over time, changing to something a little newer can give your front door a new look. Changing the handles around your home (especially if they are mismatched) can give your doors a fresh look.

These are all fairly inexpensive remodeling projects that you can do yourself. Larger projects such as changing out kitchen cabinets, laying new flooring, tiling a bathtub/shower, or even adding new siding to your home are things that can be left to a professional contractor. If these are the type of projects you need done to your home, call a contractor for an estimate.