Vinyl Is a Great Alternative to Wooden Fencing

Adding a fence to your yard will make it much more private and usable. If you have pets or small children, you will be able to enjoy your yard so much more. Many people love the look of wooden picket fences but don't realize how much maintenance is needed. This article explains why vinyl is a perfect alternative to wood.

Vinyl Doesn't Need to Be Painted

Vinyl requires much less maintenance than wood in both the long and short term. First of all, vinyl never needs to be painted. In fact, vinyl is dyed throughout. It is not just painted on the outside. This means the protective finish does not fade away or wear off. Since the texture and color is the same throughout, you don't need to worry about fading or even scratching. A wooden fence will need to be repainted or restained several times over its lifetime. By avoiding this annoying maintenance, you will save some time and money over the years.

Vinyl Is Made in Many Styles

Vinyl is also popular because it is made in a range of styles. Most people love a solid, white fence or a color that matches the color of their house trim. Of course, you can find many different tones of white and all the most common neutral tones. If you are willing to invest a little extra, you can buy printed fences. The most popular prints are fake wood. These look surprisingly convincing, with a fake texture to coordinate with the multi-colored grains and knots within the wood. Admittedly, you will realize that the material is not real wood when you look up close, but it will look great from afar.

Vinyl Is Modular

One of the best features of vinyl fencing products is that they have a modular design. This means that they are very simple to assemble and easy to repair. This is great if you plan on installing your own fence to save a little money. Also, this makes it easy to make running repairs to your fence over the years. For instance, if a panel get broken, you can replace it quite easily without any tools. Most of the pieces are attached to each other through interlocking fittings. Vinyl is a great fence material for all sizes and styles of fences. It is a great option for homeowners who want to do renovations and like the look of wood but aren't able to handle the maintenance.