Closely Working With A Contractor Makes Chain Restaurant Expansion Work Effectively

A proprietor who owns a successful restaurant may choose to open a second. Success with the new restaurant could lead to decisions to open more with some being quite a distance away. Creating a successful chain of restaurants requires more than just hanging an open sign in a window. Uniformity in both construction and remodeling is vital. Marketing and branding a new chain require the various new locations share the same style and image. Entrepreneurs do have to work closely with contractors to make sure the first few new stores truly do look like links in a chain.

Three steps could be taken to help ensure the expansion of new restaurants works well.

Overhaul the Original Design

A 100% duplication of the original store might not always be advisable. Certain nuances that worked at a first location may not translate to new ones. The very first McDonald's roadside restaurant looked dramatically different than the recognizable image of today. The changes were for good reason. The store needed to be recognizable and marketable in all new locations.

If a would-be chain restaurant is designed to look like a obtuse, rhombus-shaped spaceship, this might be a great idea when located near an aeronautics factory, but really odd elsewhere. Changing the look to a more traditional spaceship reduces customer confusion and won't chase them away.

Discuss the Feasibility of Design Plans

Simplicity works in the owner(s) best interests. Those expanding the chain may come up with design ideas that sound great, but might not be the best to execute. A contractor's opinions on the interior's dimensions and style are worth considering. The contractor could provide insights that greatly assist in keeping the construction and remodeling work on time and on budget. Also, a properly-crafted interior is going to be better suited for the performance of day-to-day restaurant operations. 

Plan for the Future

Construction-wise, it may be best to build or purchase property for the first few new locations with expansion in mind. A new chain restaurant may require some time to build up so smaller dimensions might be preferable in the beginning. Over time, as the new chain establishes itself in the market, customers will seek it out. At this point, the smaller restaurant probably needs to be expanded.

An accomplished and adept contractor may be able to devise a structure in which knocking down a wall and building an extension won't be difficult. Purchase a neighboring vacant lot so the dining room or kitchen can be extended onto the lot when necessary. This allows the restaurant to expand at the appropriate time without delays.

Expanding a restaurant chain is not easy, but working with the right contractor could make the process smoother and more successful. For more information, contact 5050 EIFS or a similar company.