3 Tips To Help Stay Motivated During A Remodeling Project

Before starting any home renovations, it is important to set a completion date for the project. Unfortunately, various factors can conspire together to disrupt the timeline and result in the project going far beyond its projected completion date. One factor that can lead to a slow down is a lack of motivation. If you are taking on a home renovation project, here are some ways to keep motivated.

Keep Up With Your Progress

While renovating your home, make note of the progress you are making. When you are standing in an unfinished room, it can sometimes be difficult to see how much progress you have made and you can start to suffer from lack of motivation. 

However, if you are keeping track of your progress, you can see how far you have come. The realization that you have made progress can help you understand that despite what you are seeing now, the job is moving forward. 

One way you can track the progression of your renovation is to take pictures. Start from day one and try to take a new one every couple of days. You can also write down a list of tasks that have to be completed and mark them off as they are completed. 

Divide the Larger Jobs Into Smaller Ones

When you have a huge task before you, it is easy to become bored or overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this can lead to feeling unmotivated, which can negatively impact your project. 

Instead of tackling a large project at once, try to break it up. For instance, instead of attempting to drywall several rooms in a day, focus on one room a day. 

You can rely on a chart to help determine which jobs need to be divided up into smaller ones. If you are working with friends and family to complete the renovation, you can divide larger projects up into smaller ones for them to tackle. 

Reward Yourself and Workers

A solid way to keep everyone motivated is to reward yourself and everyone involved in the project. The promise of a reward for completing tasks by the end of the week can not only motivate everyone, but it can also keep your project on schedule.

The rewards do not even have to be costly. For instance, you can arrange a swim or bowling party to give everyone a break and have fun. 

If you are sharing the work of your renovation with a contractor, he or she can help you find other ways to stay motivated. Avoiding delays on your share of the work helps to avoid interference in the contractor's work.