How To Get Perfect Caulk Lines

To complete the installation of new baseboard mouldings in your home, you will need to caulk the edges. Caulking around the edges of the baseboard protects it, seals it and makes it more waterproof. Also, a nice, clean caulk line can make your baseboard look smooth and professional. This article will explain how to get the strongest and cleanest caulk lines.

Cleaning the Surface

The first thing to do is to clean off the surface you are caulking. The edge of baseboard can accumulate dust and dirt. You want to remove all of this dirt with a wet rag or household cleaners. Make sure the surface is dry before you try to apply the caulk. Once the area is clean and dry, it is time to get out the caulk gun.

Using a Caulk Gun

You should use a caulk gun to apply the caulk to the edge. Also, use a waterproof caulk product, no matter where your moulding is. It is usually the most durable and reliable because it is thicker. You will need to use a special technique to smooth out the caulk before it dries. After the caulk is in place, you need to use your finger to finish it off and make the caulk line uniform. This job is much easier if you have several latex gloves and a large cloth or paper towels.

You will make short swipes with your finger to remove the excess caulk, leaving behind a better caulk line. If you push down harder, the caulk line left behind will be smaller. Also, if you use a smaller finger, your line will also be smaller. You can make adjustments, using different fingers to get the perfect caulk line.

The key is to push down with the same amount of pressure as you swipe away the excess. It is also very important that you wipe your finger off between each swipe so the line you leave behind is smooth. This technique is also helpful because it pushes caulk into any cracks, crevices or cavities in the baseboard. It makes the caulk denser and much stronger since there are no air bubbles in the caulk.

Some people invest in tools and devices that claim to make easy to get perfect caulk lines. In truth, none of these tools will work better than your own fingers. It is definitely the best way to get caulk lines that look perfectly straight. Contact a local caulk company for more info.